What is ESXi Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)

Overview (VMware):- Below mentioned steps will provide an overview of the VMware vSphere Host Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).

1. The DCUI is a menu-based interface that is accessed from the host console.
2. Used to configure ESXi running on vSphere hosts.
3. Once connected with vSphere host console on top we could see the information of ESXi version along with hardware details of ESXi host.
4. And in bottom we could see that host name and IP address of that ESXi host.
5. We could also we F2 —Customize System/View logs and F12 shut down / Restart.
6. For Login Please Press F2 and put user name and password.
7. We could see list of available option like, Configure Password, Configure Lockdown Mode etc.
8. We could perform ESXi host configuration using these options.