vSphere 6.7 ICM – Topic 4.5 – Add data center, organizational objects, and hosts to vCenter Server

Continuing to the learning of vSphere 6.7 – Install, Configure, and Manage modules, we are going to cover below points in this blog.

Points to Cover: –

  1. Create a Datacenter
  2. Add ESXi Host in vCenter Server
  3. Create a Cluster

1. Datacenter

What is Datacenter?

Datacenter is a container which keeps all the inventory objects of vSphere environment such as ESXi Hosts, Clusters, Virtual Machines.

Like we have Physical datacenter segregated geographical or location wise, we have virtual Datacenter in vSphere which can be used for same purpose.

You can create multiple datacenters in vCenter as per your environment need.

It also helps you to manage permissions on child object using Datacenter.

Example: –

Lets take a example that we have two sites; one is in US another is in India. You can create Datacenter in vCenter with name of DC_US and DC_India. Now all objects related to these datacenters can be categorized accordingly.

Prerequisites to Add Datacenter: –

  • vCenter Server
  • Sufficient Permission in vCenter to Create Datacenter

How to Create Datacenter: –

  • Login to Virtual Center web client. Here we are using vSphere HTML5 Web Client.
  • On a front page, you will see vCenter Name.


  • Right Click on vCenter Name and Click on New Datacenter.


  • Give name of Datacenter you want to use.


  • Datacenter with name of DC_IND has been created. That’s all you need to do to create a Datacenter in vSphere environment.


2. Add a ESXi Host in vCenter Server

What is ESXi Host?

ESXi Host is bare metal Type 1 Hypervisor which is Directly install on a Physical Server. It uses to assign Virtual Resources (i;e CPU, RAM, NIC, Disk) to Virtual Machines.

It helps to consolidate multiple servers onto fewer physical devices, and reduce Data Center space, power and IT administrative requirements.

Prerequisite to Add a ESXi Host in vCenter: –

  • vCenter Server
  • Sufficient Permissions on vCenter
  • Sufficient access on host with administrative priviledge
  • Datacenter or cluster should exist in vCenter
  • Firewall ports 902 should communicate within vCenter and ESXi host

How to Add a Host in vCenter: –

  • Login to vCenter Server using web client or HTML Client.
  • Right Click on Datacenter.
  • Click on Add Host.


  • Enter the name or IP address of the host to add to vCenter Server.


  • Enter the root credentials.


  • Verify Security Alert and Click on Yes.


  • Verify Host summary and Click on Next.


  • You will get license option  to add. Here we are going to add licenses in coming modules. Click on Next.


  • Specify the Lockdown Mode. If you want to secure your environment to prevent remote users from logging directly in the host, leave lockdown mode disabled.
  • Click on Disabled. Proceed to Next.


  • Verify VM Location.


  • Verify the information. Host is ready to add to vCenter.
  • Click on Finish.


  • Here is first view and summary page for host you added.


3. Create a Cluster

What is Cluster?

Cluster is container which keeps Hosts together. It has functionality to use vSphere features such as HA, DRS. You create a Cluster under Datacenter. It is responsible to manage resources of all hosts in that cluster.

Prerequisite to Add Cluster: –

  • vCenter Server
  • Sufficient Permissions on vCenter
  • Datacenter should exist in vCenter

How to Create a Cluster: –

  • Login to vCenter server using Web Client or HTML Client.
  • Click on Datacenter.


  • Right Click on Dataenter and Click on New Cluster.


  • Specify the name of Cluster you want to use.


  • Cluster has been created with name of Prod_Cluster.


That’s all from this topic.Refer to next topics to explore more.

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